Booze-free events

Below are our Standard options!

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Silver Sipper Package

$6 per drink (ex GST) :

  • 1 hour service
  • Minimum spend $400 
  • Pina Colada, Spritz, Mojito, Blue Lagoon, 1 x Beer, Wine and Cider 
  • Biodegradable cups or glassware (additional cost to provide glassware dependent on event size and duration) 
  • 2 x staff to supply and serve drinks 
  • Up to 80
  • Choice of Van/pop up bar or your own venue.  


Golden Goblet Bundle

$8 per drink (ex GST) 

Silver Sipper package + below

  • Minimum spend $600
  • Lime of passion, Fruit tingle, Toblerone, Snowball & 1 x Martini (if requested)


    Platinum Paradise Package

    $10 per drink (ex GST) 

    Golden Goblet package + below

    • Minimum - $800 
    • A selection of Martinis including Espresso, Passionstar and Watermelon
    • Biodegradable glassware (or additional cost to provide glassware) 
    • 3 x staff to supply and serve drinks if more than 80 people 


    The following may incur Additional Costs:

    • Additonal Glassware (packages include glassware dependent on number of people).  
    • Additional pop up bar in addition to the van 
    • Additional cost for + 120 guests 
    • Additional menu items
    • > 1hr 

    Want something customised? Let us know! We want to provide you the best experience possible. 

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